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World record 100% natural SAPPHIRE
The largest blue and white carved sapphire in the world
“A sapphire that is impossible to evaluate”

Certificate issued by:




Lucerne (Switzerland) – Hong Kong (Hong Kong) – New York (U.S.A.)

Certification was performed and completed on July 6th and 8th 2020 at Gubelin Laboratories, Lucerne, Switzerland, where the stone with weight 90,3 kg (approximately 200 pounds) = approximately 450 000 carats and dimensions approximately 51 cm x 46 cm x 27 cm (20 inch x 18 inch x 11 inch) was available for testing during a period of 10 days.

CERTIFICATE / Gemmological Report No. 20060082 – PRICELESS SAPPHIRE 90,3 kg = approximately 450 000 carats (PDF version of certificate available on request)

00 01a JPG PRICELESS SAPPHIRE 90,3kg GUBELIN 2020-07-08 Report No. 20060082

The GUBELIN certificate above also includes the text "Rock mainly consisting of Corundum (variety sapphire)"!
I hope everyone understands that the size of our stone is “huge” and that it is impossible to do all the testing if the stone is 90 kilograms in size (!). Any gem testing device in labs is too small to “handle” that size. Because of this, there is also additional text where it is clearly written that “Limited testing was applied to the host rock”.
Due to the unusual situation (huge size), the staff from GUBELIN GEM LAB, broke off a small piece of this huge “rock” and tested it in the classic way. (A copy of the certificate from this small piece is available bellow and also on your request in PDF format)!


ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATE / Gemmological Report No. 20060081 – PRICELESS SAPPHIRE small fraction (15,43 carats) cut off by Gubelin team for DETAILED laboratory testing because the whole stone (90,3 kg = 450 000 carats) was too large for certain laboratory tests (PDF version of certificate available on request)

00 01b JPG PRICELESS SAPPHIRE fraction 15,43ct GUBELIN 2020-07-08 Report No. 20060081SMALL STONE POSITIONSMALL STONE

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